Once you leave the clinic with your new eyebrows, its up to you to care for them and follow the aftercare instructions given to you to help maintain and keep those brows looking great!.

DAY 1 

When you leave the clinic after your procedure, you will be given gauze swabs. These are to lightly blot the area every 20 to 30 minutes for the rest of the day to avoid any lymph build up on your brows. Use dry gauze or cotton pads only, do not wet them, always use them dry and only gently pat never rub.

If your appoinment has been late afternoon or early evening then keep some gauze beside your bed and try to wake up a couple of times during the night to gently blot and always do it the next morning too.

This step is so important as if lymph is left to build up without blotting away gently then chances are your going to have big scabs, which none of us want lol!

Even if after a couple of hours after having your procedure done, you think that theres no more lymph, still continue to blot as it may still seep out later on.

Gently blot away to keep the scabs at bay lol! 


You new brows may look darker and thicker than when they where first done. Don't panic, all pigments will look darker the first couple of days and they will start to lighten back up again after this stage has passed. 

You will now start to wash your new brows every day and night. This is done by using a very mild antibacterial soap and water. With a clean finger tip just gently wash and pat dry with tissues or a clean towel. Gently pat the area taking great care. Do not rub the area at all.

From this period onwards until after scabbing stage has gone, please avoid long hot steamy showers as we dont want any steam potentially pulling out any pigment prematurely. Keep the time in the shower quite short and never let the shower spray hit your brows directly. If this happens then gently pat dry immediately. When washing your hair hair, try to tilt  your head back if you can.

So to recap for around first 7 to 10 days, just gently wash area with gentle patting movements, never soak them and keep your showering every day to miminum time to avoid excessive steam. Lots of TLC towards your new brows are needed during the first couple of weeks of healing.


The dreaded scabbing or peeling stage! Don't let this stage put you off getting the treatment, as long as you are following the correct aftercare from day 1, then the scabbing will be kept to a minimum. Most of my clients say that they just have a light flakiness, like a dandruff appearance. This is good and shows that they are following their aftercare properly. Everyone heals differently though so if your new brows do look really scabby then dont panic, just take extra care to keep those scabs intact to stop them coming off prematurely.

Scabs or flakes should NEVER be picked off. If you do this then you will more than likely take the pigment that was implanted with it. When these scabs or flakes are  forced or picked off before they are ready, you will be left with no or very little pigment underneath, resulting in gaps in your brows.

Sometimes it cant be helped if they accidently come off, such as when you are sleeping, so ways to help this are to avoid sleeping on your side (as this is a common way your tails on your brows will come off). Dont lie face down either and sleep on a clean pillow case too.

Most important rule is DON'T PICK! 

DAYS 8 TO 28

So you've got past your peeling/scabbing stage without picking and all flakes have came away naturally, so why have some strokes or loss of pigment occured now?

Again dont panic! Your body has had a foreign substance implanted in it, it naturally wants to push it out and thats why it can look as though some of your strokes or pigment has gone and your new brows can look patchy. Most of these strokes will come back again when your body realises that there is nowhere else for it to go though.

Some strokes may never return at this stage unfortunately and that is why this teatment is always done in 2 stages. Don't worry this will all be sorted at your top up appointment.

As long as all scabs/flakes are gone and your skin has healed over then you can fill in any little gaps with a makeup pencil if you want until you come back for your top up as your shape will be there to follow.


Some other factors to be taken into account during your healing and aftercare process are as follows

No swimming, saunas, steam room, hot tubs etc until all scabbing/flaking has fell off naturally.

No exessive exercise for first week to avoid sweating on your newly tattooed brows.

No direct tanning or sun beds whilst healing. 

No facials, exfoliators, chemical peels or botox whilst healing

No products on your brows until after healing has passed.


All the above stages of healing usually takes around 2/3 weeks, although everyones different and some may heal faster or slower than others.

Although your eyebrows will look all healed, the skin round about still needs that extra time to heal so your touch up apointmnet will be sheduled 6 to 8 weeks after your first procedure.

When you come in for this appointment, then we can rectify anything such as gaps or missing strokes etc. Typically this appointment will be around an hour and is included in the price. Not coming in for this appointment could result in your new eyebrows not looking completely finished.  

Two appoinments are always needed for me to give you great looking brows that you will love.

As you can see from above its pretty simple aftercare and will be worth it when you have beautiful new eyebrows at the end of it.

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